What to expect from
Real Touch Massage

At Real Touch Massage you can expect to be cared for and looked after from the moment you arrive.

At Real Touch Massage you begin by having a full consultation with your therapist which includes assessing and testing to isolate any problems in your muscles, tendons or ligaments and enables him to tailor the treatment to your particular needs.

Real Touch Massage provides professional sports massage treatments, using advanced sports massage techniques, and relaxing holistic, Swedish massage.

During the treatment, you can expect to be massaged with oils or cream of talc to enable a more fluid and deeper massage.

Your therapist will communicate with you during the treatment to gain feedback and ensure the massage is as effective as possible.

At the conclusion of the session, your therapist will discuss homecare advice to help you maintain the positive effects of the treatment.

Your therapist will also do test and re-test checks of your movement to ensure your range and control of movement is improved and that the pain is minimised or gone.